Invitation to Task:  Nigerian-American Artist Olusola "Shala." Akintunde, created Seven Spoon, an irreverent teenage character, and he sought to publish a series of portraits featuring her. The artist met with Carnaghi Creative (CC) to share what he intended to communicate through sharing his artwork in book format. 
Creative Approach: CC listened to the artist’s goals, carefully studied Shala.'s work, and created a unique style and design that expressed the overall vision.
The Outcome: The final book featured a graphic design approach created by CC that showcased the artist's humor and edge, and perfectly expressed the character's tone while enhancing the artist's vision.  
"I am definitely a fan of Amy's work. Her work is both innovative and classic. Professionally, she is always able to effectively deliver the visual message in a unique and universally-appealing way."          
Olusola "Shala." Akintunde, Nigerian American Artist
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